Lisa King McConnery has a passion for living well and authentically from the very depths of her heart and spirit, and is on a constant journey to be balanced and express her true-self. Her purpose is to use her creativity, passion, & love to coach others to be their best-self, and give them the tools to create a mental-emotional shift to rediscover peace, joy and good health.

She is a Certified Wellness Coach through The International Association of Wellness Professionals where she trained in holistic health and nutrition, wellness and lifestyle coaching.   She became a Certified Foot Reflexologist in 2000 through the Ontario College of Reflexology,  and is also a Wellness Advocate for doTERRA essential oils.

Lisa works with both individuals and groups to help people achieve their health goals in a natural way. She focuses on a holistic approach to life, so that the entire person is addressed Soul, Mind and Body.  Her journey led her to fall in love with practicing daily meditations and mindfulness, and she believes that intuitive eating and mindful consumption is the new art of eating.  Lisa also uses essential oils in her everyday life to bring emotional well-being and balance. Not only does she have a passion for wellness but she is an Artist and allows her creativity through painting be part of her balance.

Her goal is to help you create a personalized Wellness Roadmap so you can be the healthiest, happiest version of yourself, and let your SOUL SHINE.